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David Morris

Mr David Morris, of Pound Gate Farm, near Knighton, contacted us and one other company in September 2012. Wanting to reduce his carbon footprint, he decided to take advantage of the FIT payments and install a grid-connected Solar Electric system onto the roof of an outbuilding, to supply domestic electricity to the farmhouse and outbuildings.

Mr Morris was unfortunately informed by the other company that he spoke to that the installation was not worth completing, since it included passing electrical wiring from the barn to the house, which was more complicated than standard. However, we were able to design a system to overcome this issue, and in October 2010 installed 16 ET Solar Monocrystalline Black modules, which come with a 10 year warranty, onto the south-facing roof of Mr Morris’ barn. Each module has a peak output of 250 watts, with the system outputting a maximum of 4kW.We also installed a Power One inverter, also with an extended 10 year warranty, and a wireless remote display to record the output of the system.

Mr Morris currently receives the FIT payments at a rate of 15.6 pence per kWh.

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