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Kit Davidson

Mr Davidson's Installation
Kit Davidson's Solar Installation

In November 2006, Kit Davidson from Ty Brith, looking to save on his energy bills, enquired with regards to the installation of a Solar Thermal system to heat hot water for his 2-person home. He received two quotes; one for a system suitable for the needs of two people, and one to provide a larger system capable of catering for 4 people, suitable if Mr Davidson wished to increase the number of people residing in the house. He decided to install the larger system, consisting of 4m2 of Gasokol tecSol (S) vertical roof mounted solar panels and a new 210 litre insulated vented twin-coil copper solar hot water cylinder. This system was eligible for the Low Carbon Building Programme (LCBP) grant (which is no longer available), and provided up to 90% of the household’s hot water during the summer.

In February 2012, Mr Davidson contacted us again, looking for information about Solar Photovoltaic systems. Again, he requested two quotes for a 4.0kW Risen system and a 3.6 kW KIOTO system. He accepted the former and we began the installation in March the same year, fitting 16 Risen SYP 250 Wp monocrystalline modules, a Power One inverter and a generation meter, to supply electricity to Mr Davidson’s home.

Since Mr Davidson’s Solar Thermal system does not meet current RHI eligibility standards, he does not receive any RHI payments. He does, however, receive the Feed In Tariff, at a rate of 21 pence/kWh.

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