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Jenny Fox

Jenny's Wood Pellet Boiler
jenny Fox's Solar PV array

Jenny Fox has a domestic biomass woodfuel system, combined with a solar photovoltaic system, installed at her cottage in Crossgates, near Llandrindod Wells.

Having recently moved from London, Jenny was interested in renewable technologies fitted to her new home. After a recommendation from Alice Williams at West Wales Eco Centre and in March 2011 she contacted us to enquire about Solar Panels.

Previously, Jenny used oil to provide hot water and heating to her home, but was shocked when she had a full tank of oil stolen. This drove her to look into renewable technologies with renewed vigour, and she enquired again interested in a biomass boiler.

After a site survey, when it was suggested that her cottage was an ideal location for a small Solar Photovoltaic system to run alongside a Wood boiler, Jenny received a quote for both Solar Thermal and a Wood Pellet Boiler. She decided to have a 24kW MCZ Compact boiler, along with a grid connected 3.08 kW Solar Photovoltaic system made up of fourteen flat plate Solfex Kioto KPV modules (which come with a ten year warranty) and a Mastervolt Sunmaster inverter, fitted to her home. The MCZ pellet boiler was to provide hot water and heating, and the Solfex PV system was to provide electricity, feeding the excess back into the National Grid.

Jenny’s boiler provides 100% of her home’s heat, at an efficiency rate of 90%. It is predicted that she will use 4.69 tonnes of fuel a year, to provide 16,200 kWh of energy.

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