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Rachel Evans

Rachel Evans, from Castle Caereinion enquired about a wood fuel heating system for her detached two-person home. After a site survey, where the possibility of also fitting Solar Thermal panels was discussed, she requested more information on Solar Thermal along with a quote for an MCZ boiler.
Rachel’s main incentive for installing renewable technologies was the upcoming Domestic RHI payments; therefore, it was a number of months after she initially contacted us that installation began. In April 2014, just after the RHI payments began, we began the installation of a 22kW MCZ Musa Hydro wood pellet boiler/stove, and shortly after that, in May, two 3.68m2 Viridian VHL Highline flat plate Solar Thermal panels. We also installed a 250 litre Telford Tempest unvented cylinder to replace her current oil combi-boiler. Currently, the Solar Thermal system is producing 71% of the hot water for her 4-person home. 
Rachel’s Musa Hydro Boiler, fitted into the fireplace in her dining room, produces hot water to heat the house, as well as heating the room it is stationed in. The existing plumbing was connected to a new 250 litre solar cylinder, which also contained the hot water produced from the Solar Thermal system. The boiler is estimated to require 10.10 tonnes of wood pellets/chip per year, producing 35,694 kWh of energy, which produces 100% of the heat for the 259m2 property.
Since Rachel’s installation occurred after the 9th of April, she was immediately able to claim the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments for both her boiler and Solar Thermal array, currently at 12.2 pence per kW and 19.2 pence per kW respectively. She is also expected to save around £677 a year. Rachel’s systems are expected to pay for themselves with 2.5 years, leaving her 4.5 years to enjoy the additional income.

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