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Jonathan and Andreas Gilpin

Jonathan and Andreas Gilpin from Presteigne own Wild Meadows, a self-catered holiday home. When the cabin was being built in October 2010, Jonathan contacted us with an interest in fitting Solar Thermal to the new build.
After discussions, we provided Jonathan with three different quotes for roof-integrated panels, to be fitted partway through the roofing. In February 2013, we installed three Velux V12 roof-integrated panels to supply hot water, at a total surface area of 7.5m2 along with an electronic controller and expansion vessel.  These panels are fitted in place of slates or tiles, after the roof has been felted and battened, but before insulation has been fitted, rather than over them, but are a little less efficient than normal panels. However, they are more aesthetically pleasing. We also supplied a 300 litre twin-coil Solar Hot Water cylinder, for the Gilpin’s to install as they continued the build.
This system supplies enough hot water for 4-6 people, and supplies 100% of the hot water for Wild Meadows, at 1,842 kWh a year, and is eligible for the commercial RHI.

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